Dear All,

May God keep you in good health and mind!

It's a great moment that we are now adapting the latest technologies and hence this website. I hope this website will emerge as a great source of communication between school management and its associated benificiars. In busy shedule now it's easy get update via technology.

Parents and students, can have access to information regarding Sacred Heart School via website. As known the website our school will have information about curricular activity, CBSE updates, School activities and many more.

It's the time to be confident with the accurate and genuine information about the School. It's my belief that the modern time is the time of technological era and hence we cannot successced without it. To be with the time we must change ourself.

It's a time to thank you all (principal, teachers, parents and students) for being the witness and reason for the development of this website.

May God blessYou!

Sr. ________